PhenUtest Diagnostics win The Innovation Challenge


PhenUtest Diagnostics was announced as the winner of the TBAT Innovation Challenge, supported by Forresters.

The Liverpool-based SME which has developed a 30-minute point-of-care kit for urinary tract infection diagnosis won £5,000 and a package of support from Forresters and fellow partners.

A man in a black suit and white shirt is being handed a glass trophy by a man wearing a blue shirt and light brown trousers. They are both smiling and standing on a small stage in front of a screen which reads "The Innovation Challenge - Winner".

PhenUtest was chosen by the judges at the finalist showcase on 29 June, where 10 shortlisted SMEs pitched their projects to a panel of judges. Runners-up were E-Nano, a robotics and AI solution for improving athletes’ performance and wellbeing; and Scrubbee, a sustainable skincare company repurposing by-products from the beverages industry.

The finalist showcase was the culmination of the Innovation Challenge which had seen applicants attend workshops hosted by partners before submitting their business plans.  Greg Smith and Dr Jagvir Purewal, senior associate patent attorneys at Forresters, attended the showcase and led Forresters’ involvement with TBAT.

The finalists and partners of the TBAT Innovation Challenge are standing together on a stage, smiling. The finalists and winners are holding their awards.

Dr Jagvir Purewal, senior associate patent attorney at Forresters, said PhenUtest was a worthy winner of the Innovation Challenge. “From the outset, PhenUtest was a strong candidate and they made a compelling pitch. They have come up with technology which addresses a healthcare need and is claimed to be easy to use, accurate and cheaper than other solutions. Greg and I would like to congratulate PhenUtest on their success and we wish them all the best with their continued development.”