Forresters cut through the jargon for Oracle fluid management system


Jemtech, a leading distributor of metalworking fluids, has used its extensive market understanding to invent Oracle, an automated cutting fluid management system. Featuring technology that is unrivalled in the marketplace, the company has successfully secured a patent with the help of leading patent and trademark attorneys, Forresters.

An integral part of the metal cutting process, metalworking fluids act as either a lubricant, a coolant, or a way of evacuating chips from the cutting zone. The Oracle Fluid Management System provides machine tools with a constant supply of accurately mixed cutting fluid while also capturing a wealth of data on fluid volume, concentration and pH levels. The system allows users to monitor and rectify issues before they arise, optimising the machining process without any need for manual intervention.

Steve Coull, co-inventor of Oracle and CEO of Jemtech, explains, “In high-quality precision engineering environments such as aerospace, cutting fluid tolerances are incredibly tight. These fluids are often monitored manually, giving rise to human error and associated downtime. We saw a gap in the market and worked with the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) to produce Oracle. It was via the MTC that we became aware of the work of Forresters.”

Forresters impressed me from the outset. With his knowledge of engineering, Jack Gunning developed an extensive understanding of the product and the process, which, when added to his knowledge and experience of patent law, made the whole process incredibly easy for us. I have to admit to being tempted to pursue the patent myself. In the end, Jack’s tenacity, knowledge and drive were absolutely invaluable to overcoming the barriers encountered along the way. I would have given up pretty early on if I had opted to handle it myself.”

With a large team of patent attorneys, Forresters’ clients benefit from a range of expertise and experience in a variety of technologies, engineering and life sciences. Forresters prides itself on cutting through the complexity and delivering advice in plain, jargon-free language and is able to advise on all aspects of patent law in the UK, Europe and further afield.

Jack Gunning, Senior Associate, Technology & Engineering at Forresters said: “It is fantastic to see a British company evolve in the way the Jemtech has. By applying the knowledge gained from being a distributor of metalworking fluids, Steve and the team at Jemtech have branched out into research and development and invented something which is revolutionising the market. It has been a pleasure working with Steve to obtain a granted patent for Oracle.”

Steve Coull added: “Having a patent on the product was an important step in the overall development and marketing of Oracle. As well as the obvious protection it affords us, the kudos of having a patent is a great marketing tool and also allows us to take advantage of the tax breaks offered by the Patent Box scheme. With the assistance of Forresters and their in-depth knowledge of the industry, achieving the patent has been far easier than I could ever have imagined.”