A rise in unsolicited payment requests


A growing number of our clients and associates are being contacted by third parties, asking them to pay fees for their Intellectual Property (IP) rights. Whatever services these third parties offer, they are not legitimate.

IP Offices publish applicants’ contact details as a matter of course. Unscrupulous third parties use this information to send unsolicited requests for unnecessary payment. The letter and the invoice are set out to appear official.

We strongly urge our clients and associates not to pay any unsolicited or unexpected invoices from third parties for IP services. Forresters pays the official fees for the application, while your appointed provider (such as Computer Patent Annuities) will handle renewal/annuity fees.

The World Intellectual Property Organisation maintains a list of third parties which are known to make unsolicited requests for payment, here.

If you are ever uncertain about an unsolicited payment request, please contact your Forresters attorney.