Photo of COP27: technologies addressing the fight against climate change – carbon capture

COP27: technologies addressing the fight against climate change – carbon capture


It’s day six of the COP27 climate change conference and we continue to shine a spotlight on clients developing technology with the potential to bring significant environmental benefits.

As well as reducing the level of emissions that are produced, a key technology in addressing the climate crisis is carbon capture – the active removal of carbon before it enters the atmosphere.

Our client Carbon Clean is an innovation leader in point source carbon capture, developing cost-effective solutions to accelerate the global deployment of carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) technologies, especially in hard-to-abate sectors such as cement, steel, refineries and energy from waste.

With investors including Chevron, CEMEX Ventures, Marubeni Corporation and Samsung Ventures, Carbon Clean’s fully modular technology is revolutionising carbon capture. The company’s technology has already captured 1.7m tonnes of CO2 across 49 sites worldwide, and it is aiming to capture a billion tonnes by the mid-2030s.

Carbon Clean is hosting a forum event about how to accelerate the global deployment of CCUS technologies at COP27 on Friday 11 November.

Forresters has assisted the client with securing patent protection for solvent compositions and methods for carbon dioxide recovery.

Prateek Bumb, co-founder and CTO of Carbon Clean, told us: “I see carbon capture technology as a key enabler in the transition to a “net zero” carbon future, and solid intellectual property protection is essential to achieving these goals. I am pleased to work with Forresters’ professional team and have always found them very helpful and knowledgeable in all intellectual processes for Carbon Clean.”