Ten Forresters Trainees Pass Their Exams


We are delighted to announce that ten of our trainees have passed their IP Law exams, with one of them scoring the highest marks in the country.

Celebrations are taking place after the successes, which were achieved despite the restrictions surrounding Covid-19. Among those celebrating are Dr Rosalie Shepherd and Kate Selwyn, who have passed all their final exams and are now fully qualified UK patent attorneys. Rosalie said: “The exams require a huge amount of hard work, and so it’s such a relief to be qualified.” Kate added: “I am extremely pleased to have passed all of my UK final exams and qualify as a UK patent attorney.  These exams are very demanding and I am glad that all the hard work has paid off.”

Beth Campbell passed her Advanced IP Law and Practice, Drafting of Specifications and Infringement and Validity examinations. She said: “I’m really pleased as my main aim is to become a fully qualified patent attorney, and passing these exams has taken me a step closer to achieving this.”

Olivia Wang, Hunter Annan and Dr Ben Shepherd have passed their English Law and Design and Copyright Law exams. Olivia and Ben have also passed their papers in UK Patent Law.

Olivia said: “Lockdown did have an impact as we had to do an online exam, which is something we haven’t done before. I’m pleased to pass these exams which have helped us memorise sections of the law that are useful for work.” Hunter said: “It has been difficult getting ready for the exams while being away from the office, but the team has done everything they can to help us and make sure things go as smoothly as possible.” Ben added: “Every Wednesday we have had online trainee and supervisor meetings where we go through various scenarios, questions, and exercises, which has been really useful. Also, it has allowed us to all keep in touch and has made being away from the office easier.”

Nikita Meek, Ian Duncan and Robert Smith passed their examinations in International Patent Law and Trade Mark Law. Nikita also passed his Design and Copyright Law examination. Nikita said: “I am delighted to have passed my exams, after what has been a difficult year for everyone.  Forresters has given me the reassurance to progress as a trainee patent attorney and I am excited for what the future holds.”

Ian said: “I’m really pleased to have passed these exams and I now have eight left, this includes four UK finals which I hope to take in October this year, and then in March next year I will sit the four European finals.” Robert said: “Forresters has supported us so much throughout the last year, which hasn’t been easy working from home and completing the exam online – we’ve had a lot to get used to, but the hard work has been worth it.”

We are especially proud to announce that Jack Dean passed his examinations in Design and Copyright Law and Trade Mark Law, with flying colours. He said: “I’m really pleased to be a part-qualified UK patent attorney, and thrilled to have been awarded the Mike Higgins Prize for achieving the highest mark in the country in Design and Copyright Law, alongside the Keith Farwell Prize for achieving the highest mark in the country in Trade Mark Law.  This achievement is a testament to the quality of training offered by Forresters.”

Matt Shaw, the newly-appointed managing partner, said he was very proud of their achievements. “Our trainees are a credit to the firm and we are delighted to hear that they have all successfully passed their exams,” he said. “These achievements reflect both our professionals’ calibre and the hard work that they have put into their exam preparation. We look forward to watching this new generation of attorneys as they continue to develop, and contribute to the continued success of Forresters.”