Percolate and circulate – Coffee networking


Jagvir and Greg at Forresters Birmingham office had been thinking for some time of hosting a regular coffee morning in Birmingham city centre for their professional friends and colleagues around the city.  When 200° Coffee recently opened in Birmingham it was the perfect opportunity to start their coffee mornings.  This was the birth of “Percolate and Circulate”.

200° Coffee is originally from Nottingham, and opened their newest café and barista school in Birmingham.  There is a friendly and welcoming atmosphere to the shop, and the inviting aromas of coffee permeate throughout.  We host our coffee mornings in an exclusive area of the café where we have a barista at hand to make any coffee you want.

We worked with 200° Coffee to produce a coffee morning with a twist where you can come and have a catch up whilst trying your hand at some latté art (which is not as easy as it looks!).  The last few events have been well received and it’s been great to be able to have an opportunity to meet with people we know in a more informal setting.

If you are interested in coming along and grabbing a coffee and some breakfast then please let us know by emailing

It would be great to see you there!