Henry speaks to students about biodiversity


We were delighted to hear that last year’s winner of the Forresters Award returned to the University of Chester to take part in their prestigious TEDx event.

Dr Henry Sidsaph spoke to students about the difference each of them could make to environmental challenges – and the importance of tree planting and conservation.

The former PhD student was presented with the Forresters Award for his business pitch for Miténgo Coffee, which was started after he went on a volunteer visit to Malawi in 2011 and heard about the large levels of deforestation.

At the TEDx event he spoke about Social Network Analysis and how important it was for students to follow their passion. He also shared details of his tree planting efforts through Miténgo Coffee.

“Through sales of our coffee, we help support the charity Ripple Africa in planting trees, and conserving forest areas,” he said. “Also, our supply chain starts with farmers who receive a fair price for their labour, which is well above the cost of production”.

“With Miténgo Coffee, I have had a logo designed by illustrator Lauren Fitton, which has been secured to the brand thanks to Forresters, and I’m getting our fantastic coffee into new retailers. My message is about bringing people and nature together, we do this through great-tasting coffee, tree planting, conservation and education”.

“Forresters helped me secure the trade mark for Miténgo Coffee, which gave me a lot of credibility when I was pitching to different businesses. I am so grateful for the help Forresters gave me, they offered me support every step of the way and there were regular follow ups so they could see how the business was progressing.”

TEDx offered students at the University of Chester a varied programme featuring live speakers, performers and selected pre-recorded TED videos.

Henry, who lives in Chester, added: “I spoke to students about how they don’t have to be an expert, or the most knowledgeable person on a subject – if something is important to them they can make themselves known in that area. It is important for each of them to become the key person in their social network, so their positive actions can have a far-reaching effect.”

Henry was presented with the Forresters award as part of the Venture Programme at the university, which supports and develops the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Kate Cruse, a partner based at our Liverpool office, said: “We have enjoyed supporting Henry and assisting in the development of Miténgo Coffee. It was wonderful to hear he spoke at the TEDx event, sharing the experience he has gained from having a thriving business that supports the incredible charity, Ripple Africa. We look forward to carrying on working with Henry, and assisting him in the continued expansion of Miténgo Coffee.”