Fuel cell conference gets support from Forresters


We are backing an alternative fuel conference in Birmingham, which will look at ways to reduce carbon emissions.

Hydrogen and Fuel Cells: The Time Is Now, is in its 17th year and is the largest conference of its kind in the UK. It takes place on November 16th at the NEC and will see more than 300 delegates hearing about both the hydrogen economy and the range of applications for fuel cells.

Dr Jagvir Purewal from our Birmingham office will be attending the event and speaking to delegates. He will also be giving a talk called ‘IP Car Crashes – what not to do!’ which will look at how important it is for businesses, inventors and entrepreneurs to protect their intellectual property (IP).

“We have been attending this event for the last five years and each time we see that this amazing technology is becoming more commercialised,” he said. “This is a positive solution to the problem of climate change and so we are keen to support companies in this sector. It has been a while for this technology to get noticed on the market, but now governments are looking to phase out the combustion engine and fuel cells are a fantastic alternative.

“Birmingham is the perfect city to have this conference, where delegates will be surrounded by leaders in the automotive industry. At Forresters, we work with companies that are experts in this field and we are looking forward to meeting other innovators who are hoping to commercialise their hydrogen and fuel cell products.”

Fuel cell technology is rapidly gaining momentum especially after the recent COP26 climate change summit in Glasgow. Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently said he wanted to turn Britain into the ‘Qatar of hydrogen’ as the government looks at how the gas could be used to power the nation instead of fossil fuels. This comes as Staffordshire-based JCB has announced it signed a deal worth billions of pounds to buy hydrogen that has been generated from non-fossil fuel-based sources.

Dr Purewal added: “The conference will bring together a number of innovative companies, which will have valuable intellectual property. It will be good to talk to them about how we can help them protect their creative ideas and plans, and work with them to move this industry forward.”

Project director for the conference is Jacqui Staunton, who said the support from companies like ours was invaluable. “We are delighted to again have the support of Forresters at this exciting time for the industry,” she said. “Hydrogen and Fuel Cells are increasingly being seen as a very real solution to the decarbonisation of heating and transport and the ever-increasing attendance at this conference reflects this. I do hope we can continue to work with Forresters going forward.”