Forresters supports the region’s tech industry with a new partnership


We are partnering with Birmingham Tech to support innovative businesses across the region.

We are working with the not-for-profit community initiative (CIC), which aims to raise the profile of the Birmingham and West Midlands tech scene. Over the next 12 months the partnership with Birmingham Tech will see our firm supporting innovators and entrepreneurs, as well as helping start-up businesses reach their full potential.

One of the highlights of the partnership is sponsorship of Birmingham Tech Week, which is a focus on digital, technology and innovation across Birmingham and the West Midlands. Patent attorney Dr Jagvir Purewal said: “We are excited to be partnering with Birmingham Tech and working with some of the innovative businesses and entrepreneurs in the region. Our focus is on providing an excellent service, and giving clear, sensible and practical advice to clients across the region and beyond. We are proud to work with innovators who come to us to protect their fantastic ideas”.

“Birmingham is the youngest city in Europe, with under 25s making up nearly 40% of its population. The West Midlands has a plethora of tech companies that create a large number of jobs and so make a substantial contribution to the region. It is important that we focus on this sector and continue to invest in these incredible businesses.”

Taking place from 11th October, Birmingham Tech Week begins with a spectacular opening event at Millennium Point for 350 tech advocates. Throughout the week there are themed days focusing on digital skills, as well as business support and investment. There will also be a day devoted to tech and digital companies from across the region, showcasing their innovation and success to a global audience. We have signed up as a sponsor and will be providing intellectual property (IP) advice to businesses, entrepreneurs and innovators.

Yiannis Maos, chief executive of Birmingham Tech said: “We are delighted that Forresters is supporting Birmingham Tech Week and their specialist advice will be invaluable to businesses from across the region. Our sponsors and partners help make Birmingham a prominent Tech Hub and somewhere technology companies of all shapes and sizes are proud to call home.”